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Create a keyword



Supported formats

xml, json

Supported request methods



Create a new keyword for user with ZoomRank ID 1.



Argument Description
keyword The new keyword record sent in the request body.

Mobile Keyword Object

Field Description Format
external_id Your unique identifier char(125)
category_id ZoomRank Category ID int
url URL char(255)
keyword Phrase/keyword char(100)
location The city and state to perform ranking from City,ST (example: Dallas,TX)
exact URL must be an exact match. 1 or 0 (True/False - Default is 0)
ranking_dow Weekly ranking day-of-week 0 - 6 (0 = Sunday)
ranking_dom Monthly ranking day 1 - 28
last_ranked_date Date of which record was last ranked YYYY-MM-DD

Response Codes

201 - Success (Created)
400 - Bad Request (Errors occurred while creating record - See response body)
500 - Internal Server Error (Something bad happened, let us know!)

Example Request Body (JSON)

"keyword": {
  "engine_id": 1

Example Request Body (XML)